Monday, 24 November 2008


When it came to a free upgrade I chose the Apple i-phone. Bora and George Peet convinced me at the US Nationals that they were an essential tool for the job. How else can you keep the world aware of your results and still get porn in your tent at night?

Anway mine came and I was very pleased. It didnt leave my hand all day, and when it dawned on me that I hadn't yet eaten lunch, I raced into the kitchen and grabbed a baking potato and headed towards the microwave. Immediately the land line rang, and not wanting to miss this call, and with no hands free courtesy of the potato/i-phone combination, I banged the door of the microwave shut and gave it some beans.

Racing downstairs I reached the call just in time, and whilst listening very patiently to the customer, I looked down.

I was horrified to see that in my other hand I was still holding the potato.

Bugger the customer, I raced upstairs and found...

My i-phone in the microwave..

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Back to the future

I've always loved old boats and our recent family purchase still has me mesmerised. I sailed "Callisto" single handed saturday and slowly drifted back in time.. At 26ft, wooden and 46 years old, she's an "owl and a pussy cat" kind of boat that has crossed oceans. But for me Chichester Harbour was enough and even without any pussycat, it was still a great adventure. I parked at East Head and ate my lunch. I didnt know how much anchor chain to use so I threw the lot out. I studied the map on the beautifully varnished table down stairs and wondered if this was how Charles Carruthers felt in "Riddle of the Sands". In fact its not so hard, and it seems sailing maps are remarkedly similar to land maps except they are missing an index, they measure depth instead of height and don't have "Little Chef's" marked on them..

But it was back to normal today and great to see SB3 World Champion Geoff Carveth doing OK in his new boat. Michael Lennnon's practice is paying off, and for the first time since the Tide Ride several weeks ago I took my other old boat out. I felt pretty good once I got into it, the extra kilo's seemed to help and a couple of fully foiling tacks had me thinking about the Australian nationals. But the water here is cold, both foils ventillated, my feet were like ice, and the mainsheet took the skin off my hands..

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Left wing take over

This is an image of the Mach 2 port wing and shroud attachment. The level of detailing on this boat will differentiate it from others. Better clear a space in your living room, the garage just wont do. It's art mate.

The new Mach 2 website will go live next week. The url will appear here.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Holding back the years

It was in another time, a time so long ago that I'm reminded that its a shame they still haven't yet found a cure yet for the common birthday. This was my Magum six and it was called "Featherlight".

Christ! The last time I saw legs like that, they were on a nest.

That was 22 years ago and this was this year that the space shuttle exploded, the Cold War was coming to an end, "Top Gun" came out, and "Broken wings" by Mr Mister was top of the charts

This was this year, We played the "Top Gun" sound track at the Worlds and I still whistle "Broken Wings" when I sail.

"And learn to fly again
learn to live so free"

And in another 22 years? What will the Mothosphere look like then?

I just hope that by then, there isn't a minor trophy named after me.. Or a bench. Please, no bench.