Monday, 28 June 2010

Walking on Water

From the excellent "Voiles et Voiliers" website taken by the great Thierry Martinez. It reminds me of a wonderful event with good friends which seems so long ago now.

A far cry from the stuffed under the clubhouse windward mark in the middle of a nautical M25 where I was neary run over twice before getting so much weed on my wand that I thought it may break. RTD with SOHF.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

When I get older..I will get stronger

Hmmm... Its taking all my strength to not bolt for the beach and rig my boat, but work I must and work I will. The weather is fab and I so enjoyed a simple club race last night that I just want to go out again. It was a nice little race where even for me it was impossible to get the course wrong and made me think that I will enjoy myself in the build up to the Europeans.

The only things that surprises me these days is how bad I get between events. I seem to be able to keep the same high's yet reach lower lows which is kinda different to how I thought it would be...

Yet as I shot from the beach yesterday I could hear the boat going "here we go again" as I went through my pre flight check. (tiller in the back hand etc). But once sorted Hayling was beautiful and as speedboats took photographs I remembered again how good for the soul these little boats are.

I had rigged a new KA MSL10 and the purpose of the race was to start to get know it. It always makes me smile when people chop and change sailmakers with such regularity. Moths dont push water, an extra 1cm on the cunningham can make you go a knot faster upwind. Much better to just slowly get to understand the kit you've got. My boat, bar a ride height adjuster and a new kicker rope, is pretty much stock. Its the fastest way to be I think.

We have the nationals in a couple of weeks and Im hoping to race. Again depends on work, but first a Moth slalom race at Hayling Island late Saturday when the kids from the Optimist open will be back on the beach. Should be a nice little race...

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Mach 2's at West Marine

West Marine San Diego

We are delighted that West Marine are displaying a Mach 2 in both their new San Diego and Newport stores. If you live near and want to see the boat in the flesh pop in and have a look. West Marine are not planning to distribute the boat but its great to partner with them to provide a feature for their new flag ship stores.

PS like the clear tramps?

Monday, 7 June 2010

On your Machs!

Six Mach 2's put some hours in on Saturday out in Hayling bay where the water and sky were matching blue and the wind danced around 8 to 10 knots. I had decided that I would try to be "professional" with the limited time I had to train before the Europeans. That meant knowing which mast I was using, getting a good nights sleep, eating well and making every yard count.

So I was feeling good as I sailed out into the bay with Richard Lovering, Ricky Tagg, Mike Lennon, Jason Russell and Graham Simmonds. Anyway back to trying to be professional, and noticing that the wind was building I'd changed from my stiff mast to my soft mast as the wind hit 12 knots before I launched.

So I was feeling a bit vulnerable as the breeze softened.. but I was pleased with my speed. Acceleration upwind was a bit down but height was good although much had to do with just getting into the groove. You could add another knot by just sailing well as Haylings short chop threw us around a bit.

Sunday was race day and we started with the fast handicap fleet on an impossibly short line in just enough wind to come out of a tack and foil again after a few yards.

I lead the fleet out followed by Mike and I felt I had good height and pace, again using the soft mast, but as the sea breeze filled in we spent the rest of the time reaching between marks. Still fun lapping 14's with only half the race gone though.

Later I lent my boat to Ollie Spensley-Corfield who posted a first time out run of 20 knots! As the breeze built Mike and Richard hooked up the gusts and put in some impressive speeds in the impossible short channel where the Speed Puck and the shore played Russian roulette. Mike hit 26.7 I think.

Just great fun.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Nice one Harry!

Proving that where there is a will there is a way Harry Bowerman from Hayling Island Sailing Club lifts of in his his converted Axeman for the first time.

Harry who I think is just 16 took my old broken Fastacraft main foil, got it fixed, adapted it to the boat, added a rudder and now looks every bit the champion of the future!

Definately the right stuff!