Thursday, 25 April 2013

The New Mach2.2

Blimey its been so long I forgot the log -in. I havent sailed a Moth for a while now. I sold my boat, and this is a year to be with my boys. Its their time now and my job is to support their sailing. Besides which they've nicked all my sailing kit. Off the water I've decided that parents dont deliberately get unfashionable, they just buy stuff their kids wont steal.

Still we have a little National 12 to sail on Wednesday evenings, it kinda fun, slow but fun.

Perhaps I'll think about the worlds at Hayling island next year. I don't feel under any pressure to sail though, 2 world championships wins and 6 europeans championships will do, and really the only reason to come back is that Andrew McDougall is possibly 1 point ahead of me if we add up all the placings at worlds we've had over our very long moth sailing careers.

Anyway the purpose of this post is to tell you about the new Mach2.2. Our boat is better than it ever has been. If you are thinking of upgrading, or buying a boat for the first time check out the below.

Do email us if you have any questions.