Monday, 28 February 2011


Sunday was the first time I'd been down to the sailing club for a while, probably since last year actually, but although still only 6 degree's or so it was great to see four Mach 2's in the form of Geoff Carveth, Mike Lennon, Graham Simmonds and Jason Russell diligently practicing in the blustery conditions. I admire them, it is still too cold for me. Not that I have a boat, my current Mach 2 will soon be on its way to Spain to meet its new owner Andreas John, and the new one doesn't get shipped until around the 12th of March. I paid for it the other day although the way I was feeling after the gym I briefly considered using the money as downpayment for a room at "Shady Pines".

Anyway this is what the new 2011 Abarth Mach 2 Moth will look like and apologies to Mike Lennon (I think) for the identity fraud.

This season will be good, I plan to do the Hayling Island and Parkstone opens, the UK Nationals, Mothfest and the Europeans, I'm looking forward to racing again. I don't like standing on the shore.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Rocked by yesterdays news that red meat can give you bowel cancer but also that regular masturbation can minimise the chance of prostate cancer I now eat Turkey. Judging by some of the comments I get on this blog I have no need to worry about the latter anyway.

But a nice steak was always a reward for a good gym work out! Which at my age starts with "up,1,2.. and then the other sock" and seamlessly progresses into a range of weights designed to make me look good without causing undue distress.

Not any more! After a chance meeting last week at the gym with Mike McKintyre, 1988 Star Gold medallist, who told me I was doing an entirely incorrect routine to put weight on. I'm now lifting weights that make me wonder if I will snap in half, with albeit, less reps. Still, on my quest to reach Moth Squad levels of density I will keep going and report back. Last night I was so spent all I wanted was a little comfort, and for a while felt as needy as those people who put their birthdays on skype.

Anyway I see I'm slowly creeping up the leader board having risen a place in the last couple of weeks. At this rate I will make the top ten at the last world championships by Easter. I feel for those who do the results actually, the efficient Aussies getting it all but right which must make the Italians, our 2012 hosts, shudder. Imagine 150 Moths belting down the right side of lake Garda. How is a bloke in a rib with a broken pencil and a topless girl supposed to cope? That was my recollection of the last time we were at Campioni anyway but it turned out to be one of the best events I've ever done. Still if I were them, and given the recent hoo haa surrounding the Italian prime minister, I would if nothing else ask for assistance.. and get Mr Berlusconi to organise the prizes...

Its the RYA Volvo Dinghy Show coming up on the 4th and 5th of March at Alexandra Palace. Mach 2 are delighted to have a couple of boats on display, one on the UK Moth class association site and one on the stage for the "Foiling Fundamentals" presentation, a talk each day by Alan Hillman on the basics of foiling. Why not come and listen to the talk, then pop along to the stand and chat to some of the sailors?

Then go and get a pint and a Turkey sandwich.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Who loves, raves.

Having previously not cared when I get my new Mach 2 I now find I'm looking at the order spread sheet as often as middle eastern president might look out of the window. Why? well because on a day when everyone else is doing other things (or in short not around to entertain me) I'm consequently bored. I should of course be freezing my nuts off belting down a reach at Hayling Island, but instead I'm reading motorcycle books and, having now decided not to sell my merc on ebay, I'm trying to buy it off myself so that no one else can.

At least its something to do.

Earlier I consumed the Sunday Times, and then warmed by an article from a guy who said that he was inspired to write a book on the male equivalent of "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert on a womans search for self awareness following a divorce, I decided action was in order and I headed for the gym. (His book will be called "Drink, Shag, Fight" incidentally) The gym though was not what it should be and after years of doing the same routine they stuck a stick in my spokes by changing all the equipment around. This had me so out of sorts that I found myself sitting in the corner rocking back and forth and hooting, in the same way a gambling machine at the Belmont 16's shouts "tilt" when you smack it one .

Everything is different this year it seems and February is the cruellest month of all, but as the English Romantic Poet Percy Shelly said "Nothing wilts faster than laurels that have been rested upon", I tried that and he's right, so work out I must! Even if that means having to be shown how to use a machine by some kid who also has to ask me if I have any piercings or body art.

So whats the point of this post you say? Well to empty my mind, and nothing more. Now back to the spreadsheet.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

One shot at a time

Walking in the Highlands of Scotland, through the breathtaking beauty of the countryside, it felt like something had finally ended. I was in a place that, if I'm honest, I knew would come.

I knew my fate at the Worlds about 20 minutes after I went out for the first time when I just couldn't keep up, and then it was simply a case of going through the process. To be honest this has happened before, quite a few times actually, often when I've not practiced and almost always when its pumping. When I won the Worlds in 06 I felt relief mostly, in 2010 I felt a mild surprise, and now getting whipped like this I feel.. well nothing. I just know you have to wait a bit. Anyway best look at life through the windscreen, not the rear view mirror.

So I'm back here painting the yacht and things like that, working hard accompanied at the computer by a cat that seemingly can send emails, but can't meow, and its cool. I don't want to see any carbon for well..until it wants to see me.

Which, and this is my curse, wont be long I suspect. As night fell, the hills of the Highlands reminded me of the ones I used to drive through to get to Garda (or the Alps as they are known...) Hmmm now thats a thought. Maybe the Italian nationals in a few months would be nice, and think of the coffee! Perhaps I'll leave the boat there (oh I better order a new one btw and perhaps with a new Abarth design on it) and become a member of Campioni Yacht club if they will have me. Isn't that the venue for the 2012 Worlds? I'm sure its pricy but its a little bit more.. well you know.. than Belmont 16's. Hmm well thats a plan, maybe Andrew will come down too?

I cant put on weight but I wonder if I've seen the way forward with cut down foils? Nathan used a small front foil for the whole event I think. Could this be the way that the lighter guys can keep up in a breeze? I'm sure that the good and the great will have an opinion on it but in any event I better give it a try.