Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Holding back the years

It was in another time, a time so long ago that I'm reminded that its a shame they still haven't yet found a cure yet for the common birthday. This was my Magum six and it was called "Featherlight".

Christ! The last time I saw legs like that, they were on a nest.

That was 22 years ago and this was this year that the space shuttle exploded, the Cold War was coming to an end, "Top Gun" came out, and "Broken wings" by Mr Mister was top of the charts

This was this year, We played the "Top Gun" sound track at the Worlds and I still whistle "Broken Wings" when I sail.

"And learn to fly again
learn to live so free"

And in another 22 years? What will the Mothosphere look like then?

I just hope that by then, there isn't a minor trophy named after me.. Or a bench. Please, no bench.


Joe Bousquet said...

Forget the legs....how about that HAIR! And I actually thought you looked good as a blonde...except for the nose, or the legs...or the...
Nah, Sam should keep her hair.

Anonymous said...

In 22 years.... will you teach one of your grandchildren the first sailing-skills, will you cheer your son to victory (he will be the new World Champion of the Moth-class) and will there be rumours about a new moth-design which will be better, faster, have better foils....

Kerem said...

How about naming one of the permanent buoys at your sailing club? You know, every time youngsters fight for water around the mark and take penalties etc they remember you fondly sort of thing. Beats a bench eh?

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a mark too. How cool would it be to say "I'm heading for Payne" or "I bumped into Simon" and "I got a penalty for hitting Simon"