Monday, 16 February 2009

If there's a rocket, strap me to it.

I think every blog should have a "comments" facility. You can always delete the tossers and I think comments show a sense of respect for the people who take the time to read your site.

In the Times newspaper yesterday it listed the top 100 blogs, and nursing a hangover, I went on-line to look. Anyway I'm delighted to see that not only does Paris Hilton have a blog, but even a comments section. I was reading her blog yesterday. She's refreshingly honest without any sense of discretion, reporting she was "bummed after the Cardinal game", which is quite a thing to be told when you've just had your breakfast. Although of course not surprising. That's the thing with blogs, you can say anything. Anyway she had 157 comments. All offers.

You see the Sunday Times says blogging is a spontanaous expression of instant thought and should be taken as thus. And that shows sometimes.

Anyway it's warmer here now, but there's no denying that this country has been a miserable place. If an alien came and landed they'd think the place was inhabited by traffic cones and its just stopped raining/snowing for the first time this year. And we'll still be on a hose pipe ban by March.

Long live Geelong with its down on its luck, fading star of a silent movie looks and its glamour seafront, where you may well be run over by a cyclist but that's better than a snow plough, and where Bogans show off in huge numbers.

Yesterday I watched 3 intrepid Moth sailors launch at Hayling. It reminded me of the other side of mothing, people demanding no more than an a bit of breeze, some time alone to sail and practice. No fuss.


Doug Culnane said...

I am glad the Sunday Times takes the time to warn the plebeians that blogs are not to be taken seriously as they are not like the main stream press. Which write real articles and not badly researched reworked press releases by journalists that have no idea or interest in the subject about which they write, but have to get the thing together before the next print deadline.

...Anyway Si were you bummed after the last worlds?

All the best,


Simon Payne said...

Yes Doug. Very. Si

Anonymous said...

Longing for Spring, for Summer... yep, it's the same in the Netherlands.

phillippe oligario said...

Hi Simon,

I am assuming the rocket in question is any variety other than the pocket type?

Hope you're well and I'm hoping to get over to see the mach 2 soon!



MARKLA said...

I was thinking on the drive to work how cool it would be to strap a few solid fuel rockets to the wing tips.

Similar to this i guess, solid fuel tho.

Anonymous said...

maybe - just maybe, going left on the first beat and right on all the others makes for boring racing - and if you sailed a boat that was more tactically challenging, you wouldn't keep thinking about jacking moth sailing in as a bit dull... maybe baby?

lots of love -
simon payne

Simon Payne said...

Wrong post.. But does anyone at all understand this?

Rich said...

Would that be a Merlin Rocket?