Thursday, 24 December 2009

Carry on Doctor

Ouch Ouch and fucking Ouch and Santa has bought me some crutches for Christmas. Only my medical records made me smile with the wonderfully ambiguous sentence "Damaged knee while constantly sailing for 25 years".

If only...About 6 hours is a good as it gets these day.

The general anaesthetic wasn't a pleasant experience and possibly, and in hindsight, was made worse by staggering in at one that morning having consumed a barrel of beer and a curry in lieu of a good nights sleep.

But help is at hand and my parents are up, and although my mum would ideally have put the vegetables on last Thursday, and is still eyeing the microwave with some suspicion, Christmas dinner will be great with the family.

But pleasant thoughts of sailing at Pro Vela, Dubai and Silvaplana without a damaged knee means that my campaign has started already, although admittedly in a hospital.

A wonderful Merry Christmas to all the guys I've raced against this year both at HISC and on the curcuit, and all my friends and fellow Moth sailors. May you put on loads of weight for a great, and hopefully lighter, 2010 ;-)



berthold said...

lots of good hours/days/month to you and your family and friends. Hope your knee will be fine soon

Cookie said...

Christmas at Emma's parents this year, working very hard on increasing my weight!

Best Wishes

Giovanni Galeotti said...

Get well soon.

Fred said...

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year and a quick recovery. All the best from Germany.