Sunday, 9 May 2010

When the north wind blows..

Hayling. It's a name that conjures up cold weather when you say it. Spelt almost the same as frozen rain, it has been like that for most of the year. This weekend was no different and the only good thing is that you dont have to equalise the pressure in the tanks when you launch because the temperature of the air and the sea are both the same. Eleven degrees. The heated floors in the changing rooms were fantastic however turning the place into a sauna.

I sailed both days, trying the MSL13 and being beaten resoundly by Mike Lennon on Saturday and today going back to my trusty MSL10, three piece mast, fixing my wand and winning well.

This evening, and pleased with todays speed I sat on the sofa in a zen like trance reflecting on the day which Andrea mistook for dozing.

Last week Ricky Tagg and I went out determined to err determine whether sailing with the main foil on the front hole or the middle hole was fastest. We found the front hole was quicker downwind and the middle (IMHO) was quicker up. Bugger all in it though but I will stay as I am as I dont really like feel of the boat as the COE moves aft..

Its the Mothfest next weekend at Pro-vela in Spain and I can't wait to get down there and coach the 20 odd Moths that are entered. An eclectic mix of standards from worlds top ten sailors to new for 2010 beginniners but with two things in common though. A desire to improve, and a desire to sail in a warm place!

Sorry I didnt go to the Inlands. I've done enough not to really need an excuse which is just as well as I haven't got one anyway.



Graham Simmonds said...

It was freezing and no I cannot wait to get to Mar Menor as well. Our boxes are packed up ready to go adn we shall see you there, volcano willing!

Victoria said...

There is no shame in a Sunday afternoon nap.

MikeB said...

It depends what you're dreaming of...