Monday, 11 October 2010

Collide Ride

It was when I couldn't get back in the boat that I noticed something was wrong. A lap earlier and in the first race yesterday Richard Lovering and I bashed off each other at 20 knots downwind vying for the lead. He capsized and I continued, aware that I'd taken a big knock, but after messing up another tack up at the windward mark I couldn't get back in the boat. Then when I headed for the shore I couldn't get out and rammed the foils up the beach. Nice.

First time I've ever ever retired because of something like that and when everyone else was enjoying quick fire champagne racing Graham Simmonds was kindly helping me to put the cover on the boat, as I couldn't do it on my own. I limped off and spend an afternoon lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. Still nothing that Ibuprofen and BUPA wont be able to fix.

So sorry I wasn't part of yesterday and congratulation to Mike Lennon who really looks the part these days. Maybe that was the last year of the Tide Ride at HISC but once again the Moths put on a really good show!

Anyway injuries happen, but the most annoying thing is I have this beautiful little Abarth 500 sitting on my driveway and I can only drive one handed!

On an entirely different note, we lost a rudder vertical at the Europeans in Silvaplana.. It was a spare, but it went missing. Anyone seen it around?



Bora Gulari said...

How many cars are they giving you??

MikeB said...

Hope your "important" hand is OK.

Foiler Town USA said...

What's it rate?