Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I'm cold

This country.. A week ago I was stuck in a snow drift for an appreciably long time. Long enough to find that if you are forced to make water by packing an old coffee cup with snow and then melting it with the might of the Abarth heating system, it takes one and a half hours to melt and you only get about 1cm of water in the bottom. Dehydration was in issue for a while!

But I hear that at least Australia is finally heating up! The forecast is I think for the rain to go and the summer to arrive and right now I'm trying to pack. The trophy is engraved and to see my name on it for the 2nd time still makes me very proud. I'm looking forward to this next event.

I haven't really been following what's going on over there, a couple of snippets from mates perhaps, but its not really worth bothering when you are on the other side of the world. Actually I'm more interested in the Ashes right now :-)

I tried hard to find that extra kilo over Christmas, which was a lovely day despite a Christmas eve shopping list cock up. I thought "Fennel" said "Funnel", but no matter. It will be useful on the Folkboat.

I am spending New Year in Sydney and then catching a ride with Scott to Belmont on the 1st so see you all then.


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Patrice A. said...

Wish you a wonderful year, good sailing and great weaves.
Go for it Simon!

And say 'hi' to Australia. Was there 20 years ago, and even visited Belmont! Hmm, I am a bit jealous....