Monday, 9 May 2011

Diamonds are forever

Hey I won a diamond yesterday! The Parkstone Moth Open was kindly sponsored by Moth sailor Rod Harris and his company "Why Jewellers". What a wonderful first prize, my best ever!

Although after Saturdays performance I didn't deserve anything, low and slow I have finally conceded that only better men than me can make the MSL13 go. Probably its my weight and possibly its an intelligence thing, but we don't gel, and certainly don't go fast . And so after a 5/3/5 on Saturday a new MSL10 was numbered up later that evening and I was a rocket ship yesterday.

The UK fleet is healthy and with 25 boats at the event it promises to be a great year for the Brits. I really enjoyed the event and great to see people like Chris Rashley going so well, and also excellent that Andy Patterson, attending his first Moth open meeting for 15 years, got the newcomers prize!

Funniest thing of the weekend was, after a tiring day yesterday sailed in champagne conditions, Chris and I followed Jason Belben back down the harbour into the marina. Only problem was it was the wrong bloody marina!

Fortunately the Nationals are at Jason's home club...;-)


Joe Turner said...

mate ive tried really hard to get that sail to look right and its just to round and draft aft for a single sail boat....its go way to much power for guys like us (less than 73kgs) and we just cant get the power to the ground.

Best combo for us is the stiff and 10! infact i think that the stiffer the rig in the heavy the better aswell! for some reson too much twist feels really "draggy" up top when you loose leach tension....

can you send me another Mach 2 soon please?

Simon Payne said...

Hey Joe

I ain't never gonna change again, guilty feelings, I had no rhythm,, should've known better than to cheat a friend.

If you come to the Europeans I'll get you a boat!