Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Hayling Island Open meeting, like Hawaii really...

Hayling will be like Hawaii this weekend for the Moth open meeting, so do come down and race, or if you want to see the boats and talk to the sailors, do that too. It's a great time to see a Moth close up and the sailors are only too willing to chat, some endlessly.

On Sunday at 1400 the Abarth stunt plane will be performing in front of the club as we are on the race course.

With the UK Nationals literally and figuratively just around the corner this is where the battle of Britain starts and there are some key players ready to pounce. God knows who will win and don't expect a prediction here but Hayling Islands version of the Mach 2 "Mothsquad" must be feeling confident. Sharing information for the good of the group isn't something thats comes easily to Brits, especially when you have to race each other the next weekend, and we are already seemingly about to loose one member, but that's how the Beetles started and I think we've made progress.

I like events like this. Sailing Moths is like alcohol. Essentially a truth serum where default behaviour comes to the fore. Some perfectly rational sailors, once airborne become completely unencumbered by any form of common sense, some sing, others shout, and others just have the memory of a tree shrew. This was ably demonstrated last weekend where Mike Lennon essentially forgot to start and I forgot the course.

The only thing I dislike intensely about any event is the briefing, always unnecessarily long I generally want to smack the first competitor who asks a stupid question. Why can't they do a pod cast where I can watch it at home and swear at the screen? Still as I look out of the window now summer is here and looks like it will stay for the weekend so come to Hayling, and if you see the Abarth Moth with a limping sailor next to it (cos I fell off my bike last night) give us a lift into the water?



Anonymous said...

Would love to come and see a Sailor close up!

Will they be wearing them lovely white hats?

Viva the moth revolution it is amazing

Anonymous said...

no they wear black sexy lycra ..... and numbers

Anonymous said...

so is the club opening its doors to non members this weekend or do they have to be signed in as guests?


Simon Payne said...

Hi Brian, I've just checked with the club and its ok for people to turn up and watch

Anonymous said...

Best keep that to yourself Brian or else the oiks from the council estates will turn up in force!

Foiler Town USA said...

You guys need to get out more!
Be ready for Hawaii on 2013, amy be but only if its like Hayling ??