Friday, 30 September 2011


Been meaning to write a quick blog and say what a good time we had at Paignton and especially well done to Chris! We tied on points but he deservedly got it on countback. We had some great racing and I was encouraged by my fit and start performance. Still have the speed to win races but not the race time under my belt, which meant each races was full of mistakes. Sill no matter, it was bloody good fun and great to see James, Mike, Doug, Ben, Peter, Tom and the the other boys again. I'm resolved to do more Opens if they are like that and you never know may drag some of the grumpy old men from Hayling along with me next time.

Star of the event though I think was Andrew Friend who sailed really really well!

Next is the Eurosaf regatta in a couple of weeks in Spain. Cant wait!


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Foiler Town USA said...

Si, how about continuing the winter sun / moth racing theme and join us in Miami post Euro SAF? After all in Mar Manor your half way there! bring some others with you.....

cheers mate