Sunday, 25 December 2011

Fly with smile

Happy Christmas! The kids were up early but now are back asleep! And I find myself with a little time to reflect on yesterdays Christmas Cracker race at HISC which was also the first event in the Moth Winter series here in the UK. It was great to see so many visitors, and especially to see Olympic silver and bronze medallist Simon Hiscocks going so well in his new boat.

The course was typical Hayling, a nightmare for visitors to follow, but as the Winter series only piggy backs other large events, such as the Bloody Mary at Queen Mary sailing club and the Steve Nicholson Trophy at Northampton, then we've got to recognise its a bit of winter fun which goes wrong if you apply a championship attitude to it.

Still I thought I'd won until confronted by Ricky on the beach who from 400 metres back apparently saw me and Jason Belben miss a downwind mark we were supposed to keep to port of on lap two. I didn't want to upset anyone, especially at Christmas, so I retired from the race. It had been a good day out and I was going really well! But listen kids if you ever get accused on the shore of doing something you're not really sure you did or didn't do on the water, then do I what I should have done and tell 'em to find a witness and protest. The winter series results are now a bit fucked up as everyone else who missed the mark scored points and prizes.

The most heartbreaking thing! As I hurtled towards the finish a young boy in an RS Tera, sailing so well and still in the lead, was only a hundred yards from the line as he was completely engulfed by the Moths, which arguably took the first six places, and then the rest of the fast boats! Character building? He'll need it!

1st Ricky Tag
2nd Mike Lennon
3rd Jason Belben
4th Peter Barton
5th Simon Hiscocks

Right coffee time! Have a great day!


Cookie said...

I think You and Jason need in boat SatNav. I'm pretty sure you do that most times you are near each other?

Simon Payne said...

I think I'll just hand over the gps next time, as i'm sure there will be

Graham Simmonds said...

I think you did the right thing in retiring. Going round John Davies was only achieved by gybing out of the shallows and into the tide, naturally not something you would want to do. I think your actions speak louder than your words.

Simon Payne said...

Just a club race mate, somebody wants me to retire in these events I'm happy to do so if they've got a good reason. I'm looking forward to the nationals! Talking of which weren't the uk committee indignant that IMCA hadn't nailed the worlds down last September? Any news?