Friday, 22 June 2012

Moth Nationals: The only way is Essex

Stone Sailing Club in Essex UK: The Brits mix with the French, Swiss, Dutch, Swedes and Irish, and a total of forty two competitors hang around waiting for things to happen. It's day two of the UK Moth Nationals and it howling outside right now. There are weather checks every hour but we are on hold for the moment. Last night a Mach2 and a Ninja design blew over and landed on top of each other and there is speculation that a "Minja" will soon be born! Basically all the usual chatter and joking that comes from sailors hanging around and not knowing if we are racing or not today. It doesn't look too bad right now actually, but we will see. Yesterday was good racing and I was lucky to score a 2,2,1 which gives me the lead by a point. Chris Rashley had a 1,1,4 and is only one point behind. His boat handling is very good, much better than mine, and it's something I need to focus on. In any event there is less of a gap between the leaders and the rest of the fleet these days, meaning its all tighter at the top. Right now it's a choice between a run to Starbucks or some boat work! There is a good report here on Yachts and

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