Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Worlds Form Guide - Help Needed

With the summer on back order in Northern Europe we are clinging to the prospect of two beautiful weeks in Campione del Garda. The Moth Worlds at its best in a country who’s history is filled with so much culture, innovation and sophistication that the Italians were eating with a knife and fork long before we’d finished eating each other.

Campione is blessed with stunning scenery, and is probably the one place where a hundred yard walk will reverse any sour feelings from a bad race, a welcome alternative from the desire to punch a slot machine, and it is the perfect stage for us to write our own classic on the waters of Garda under the direction of the Ora wind.

But before all this, and of course right up there with Dante’s Inferno, is our Worlds Form Guide! It’s published here prior to most World Championships and it offers an insightful, impartial and informed appraisal of the Worlds best Moth sailors. Kind of...

This year however it’s harder to write, and that’s because there are more Moths and more good sailors competing. Doubly harder because we no longer know them all well!

So we’d like your help! If you feel strongly that someone you know can make it into the top ten and they don’t owe us any money, we’ll mention them as long as we think you are being serious. Email us 


Doug Culnane said...

Watch out for Lord Flashheart... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QC3sURgYxng

Fred said...

mmh, we have reached a hundred and one competitor as per today. Very difficult to "guestimate" the top ten out of that bunch of mostly top sailors. Some English, some Aussies, the US and the Swiss will match up with one or two Italians and we hope that Sven and Markus will make it into the top ten.

See you there.

RobG said...

The Aussies have the numbers and depth to fill at least 5 of the top 10 places. If it's light, look out for Jack Sherring, Scott B and Amac. If it's heavy, then Scott B, Rob Gough and John Harris will be hard to beat. Backed up by a good number of dark horses like Peter Burling (ok, he's a kiwi), Joe Turner and Phil Kurts. I'm sure there will be a good number of Europeans in the mix too, just can't name them all.