Wednesday, 1 August 2012

2012 Moth World Championship Form Guide!

Lagio del Garda. Dramatic breathtaking scenery where we rig in the stillness of the morning, and as we launch the Ora wind slowly wanders down to greet us on the racecourse. Now it’s a great time! The onshore wind smoothes the sounds of the day and if we are lucky might mercifully drown out the noise of those who are incapable of launching without yelling at themselves.
Still, the evenings! With fine dinning and that “come on and relax” feeling that only (in our experience) the Italian Lakes offer. This is the place where the Worlds will be fought out! But who will win? Here is our light hearted form guide in order of only how we wrote it. Of course we won’t be right, but we won’t be far wrong either….

Scott Babbage, AUS- been there or there about for years. Was racing Moths when the Dead Sea had only just called in sick. Still, always fast and likes Garda. Coming into this off the back of a fairly successful Aussie summer. Everyone will be happy if Scott does it, no one deserves it more. Ride it like you stole it mate.

Rob Gough, AUS - Current Australian National Champion. No one will be more prepared, a past windsurfing world champ, he's proved he can win. Sometimes though it's a fine line between trying hard and trying too hard. Which side of the line is The Tasmanian Devil? No flash photography or you might find out! Anyway, we will see in a couple of weeks.

Chris Rashley, UK- great to see a promising young Brit! Chris works hard and his tacking is the best. He's fast across the range and added the UK National title to the European title he won last year. The Worlds will be his first big event, and of course it's another level higher. Will he handle it? We suspect so! Weaknesses are that he's late onto the foils, and if we get more than two low riding races the restaurants will be shut by the time he gets in.

Peter Burling, NZ- could be coming to Garda straight from the best week of his life! Peter is one of the favorites for a 49er medal. Super fast, super good, but in Moths hasn’t always managed to stay attached to his boat for the entire race. He's a big bloke and might be a bit sticky if it goes light. If it doesn't, the trophy will go to NZ for the first time ever.

Brad Funk, USA - Top bloke, stick your boat next to him in the dinghy park and by the end of the week you will be faster, and also probably a scientologist. Bloody fast, very fit and Moths seem to suit his natural “march to the beat of a different drum” style. He isn’t good at boat work however believing they heal over night. Strong in the light for a biggish guy.

Joe Turner, Aus– Naturally fast and with the least wetted surface area. (Joe cuts his foils down to the minimum) . Earlier this year Joe looked to have wintered well and, probably, as a result wasn’t so flash at the Australian Nationals. If it’s windy “Big” Joe may go very fast indeed, but aesthetically better off not wearing Lycra ;-)

Jason Belben, UK– Don’t call starboard on him as he’s wearing headphones, and he won’t hear you. And he ain’t young either. Surprise the old boy however and watch him tack! Ex Olympian, albeit from another time, he’s got the skills to pull this off.

John Harris, AUS- 2008 world champion now living in the US. Early form this year in Miami showed promise. Would've been faster without a girl in the front, but still.  Bit of a wild card this one, on the one hand naturally fast and proven winner, on the other living in land of supersize, and consequently could be carrying a few more pound than he ought...

Francesco Bianchi ITA– Possibly the fastest Italian. Won all the races he sailed at the recent German Nationals. If they ever translate the rule book into Italian he might benefit from a quick flick through, and too unpredictable to top this list, but with all that Italian flair! You never know.

Andrew McDougall, AUS- rumors of superfast straight line speed (at times-ed) and his boat has more lines than a Zebra wearing corduroys ….Anyway If we are racing in the middle of the lake he's made. If not, its six tacks to the first mark and he'll fade. A mix between Mark Webber and a “high heeled girl on a wet floor” depending on whether its straights or corners.

Bora Gulari, USA - Quiet as a mouse and not even on the entry sheet yet. 2009 World Champion at the Gorge, which isn’t too dissimilar to Garda. Very accomplished with probably an invention or two up his sleeve, or in his container... Looks Italian which is just as well.

Simon Payne- GBR Simon Payne GBR - With two world championships under his belt, you can’t bet against this wily sailor. Unless it is windy of course, then bet away! Has put more hours sailing a Moth than any other contender, but that could be because he is really old! Claims to be the inventor of the now obsolete Cleat de Payne in desperation for recognition for services to the class.   In all seriousness, he could… no, dammit, how can we take him seriously, he doesn’t! (Andrew wrote that! – Ed)

The “ex Olympic sailor “– Several “new to the Moth” World-class sailors will be competing. Can be identified by boats covered in sponsors logos and burst of brilliance mixed with some minor moments of a more humble nature. Those who stick at it will be great. Yet to learn that the protest room is really just a place for storing stuff.

And the Rest? Mike Lennon of the UK, Arnaud Psarofaghis (if he races but we don’t think he can), Anthony Kotoun... there will be more


Moth Worlds said...

Consider that italy has two other riders that Francesco Bianchi has never beaten ... ;)

Simon Payne said...

Really! Mention them!

Moth Worlds said...

Team Italia will presented monday morning you will receive the press release in advance on friday/saturday

Cookie said...

Press release eh? Maybe I should do one.

The Moth Tea Drinking and Cake eating squadron has announced it's leader for the upcoming Moth worlds. Mike shall be consuming all italian delicacies within reach and posting the findings for all to see.

Might go sailing too

Fred said...

Hey, I am doing another press release shortly...

"Age does not forbid anyone taking on the Moth"

Look no further than to Simon and me. You can also throw Carlo and Andrew into the mix and the stupid journos will think that this is a boat only for the old ones... Not mentioning any specific age. No. Not from me. Anyone able to donate a Senior-Master-Price?

Francesco Bianchi said...

Hi Cookie...You are right!
Sorry for our president comments!!..sometimes he writes without using the brain!

The Italian team will come to the world C trying to learn as much as possible looking ahead and trying to create a strong moth class in Italy where we have very good sailing champions as Enrico Fonda just winner of the MELGES 24 world championship last week!!! and Stefano Rizzi (3 americas cup and 2 volvo ocean race!!) (both moth sailors now!)
see you there
Francesco Bianchi

sjking2000 said...

Hey Si - just reading SailingAnarchy from California. Good luck @LakeGarda and have fun!

Simon King
racing J105 in SF Bay