Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Gearing Business

For me the back end of this year has been so busy that sailing seems a thing I used to do. Those sparkly days of recreational fun long gone. The sun, my uplift, has become merely an hour hand, rising with the Nikkei and setting with the election results. It's a busy life where the sea has played no part.

I read that most peoples fantasies would be satisfied by a private island, but right now an afternoon in my Moth at Hayling Island would do me, and I might achieve that this weekend.

Anyway the real reason for writing is to show you the new Mach2.2 Gearing Adjuster with axle. It has a feature that will allow Mach2 sailors to adjust the gearing from the wing and makes use of the "utility tube" that runs through the ship. This means that you won't have to capsize your Mach2 in order to change the gearing at the front. Or risk running yourself over should you try to reach across to the bow to do it. It also means you can sail with the bonnet on. It's available soon. Delivery and prices to follow


roBlog said...

cool, i was looking for another string to pull..or is that 2 strings?

Fred said...

Looks like an endless Karver "roller". Great piece of equipment. A must have or so...