Thursday, 14 August 2008

Letter from Amercia

Cascade Locks is beautiful and errr... small. Think Garda beauty sans the cappucinos and the scale. It really is petite though and Chichester Harbour at full tide would dwarf it. This is in contrast to everything else in Amercia which is huge. Tom's Harley Davidson Ford truck is so tall that my ears popped when I eventually climbed into it.

The American Moth sailors are good guys and the fleet here deserves turbo charging and so this place will do for a worlds. It just aint that big. But beauty can come in small packages as I found out in up town Dallas the night before, a sharp contrast to my airport co users the next day, some so large they seemed a mutant spawn between a human being and a bouncy castle..

I sailed yesterday and it was great, warm fresh water and a lovely new Prowler. Earlier it was proper windy, several foils bust and one hull spilt..

Today we have a temperature warning, Plus 100 degrees are forecast for the next three days and the risk of bushfires is high. Importantly these high interior temps can kill the wind.. who knows what will happen. It's never like this around here.

More tomorrow, Gotta go, Its breakfast time and i dont know the answer to "how do you like your eggs?" My initial answer "fried please" didnt work. the answer will be on Google.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a job or is this it?

If so where can I apply?

Tillerman said...

How do you like your eggs?

"With a kiss" is always an acceptable answer.

Karl said...

Sunny side up: fried on one side only with runny yolks.

Scrambled (wet/dry): all mixed up and fried to varying degrees of dryness.

Over Easy: Fried mostly on one side with just a touch on the other; yolk still runny.

Over Hard: Fried on both sides until solid

This should get you through the regatta.

johnh said...

more info on the small package in dallas please?

Anonymous said...

Preferably unfertilised-thanks

Anonymous said...

preferably unfertilised-thanks

Anonymous said...

Not with cucumber !!!