Friday, 24 October 2008

Nature is enough

Here is an image of the Mach 2 rudder horizontal foil. Its a little difficult to see but its shaped like the open wings of an Albatross. The wings go forward from the root and then back towards the tip. This is largely to prevent any cold water ventilation on the rudder (which itself is angled forwards) from propagating onto the horizontal foil.

This is a recent picture of the mould being made...


Anonymous said...

But, Simon,
you are aware of the fact that the rudderfoil is supposed to run in water, which is approx. 1.000 times the densitiy of air? ;-))


Cookie said...

Nice to see people finally catching up and angling their rudders forward... About time!

Looking forward to seeing a boat - hope it's pretty Simon!

Simon Payne said...

Yeah I heard your rudders dont ventilate.

Barbara Streisands younger sister mate

Anonymous said...

No swept up tips? how will this foil not ventilate?

absolutely gorgeous boat by the way - when is this beastie gonna be available the lucky public?