Sunday, 5 October 2008

Treading on passionate ground

This is my Gerbera. I always buy 'em because they remind me of when I see flowers growing through cracks in concrete, its so fucking brave. Think of that when you next weed your drive way.

The Tide Ride this weekend was my last event this year and I was looking forward to it, because after a week of highs and lows, where I first understood and then did not, I was ready for some air.

And in it came, moving at over thirty knots actually, and that battered the south coast so hard that it looked once again to have messed up a Moth event.

Y'know I think it really is me... I'm jinxed, and with this in mind, the next time I decide to do a worlds campaign, I'll let you know.

So you can go and buy a windsurfer.

But nothing was stopping me going foiling on Saturday and even though our racing was cancelled I did indeed get some air. Of both kinds

Today the wind eased and we had four great races and the Moths were the biggest fleet at 23 boats. My, how times change and we were the bell of the ball amongst the Int 14's, RS800's, Musto Skiffs, 29ers, B14s and Laser 4000's

With short course racing in front of a packed club balcony I won with three 1st's and a 2nd, Jason Belben came second and Adam May third. I was quick and my boat handling was better than anyone else's, I knew if I hadn't lost touch at the first mark, I'd win.

And I won £150 in Holt vouchers and a Magic Marine bag. Not so bad.

We must do more of that kind of racing.

A huge thank you to Katherine for helping me with the fastest cam change on record just before race one today,


Kiwi said...

30 knots ain't so bad - out on Sunday in 30 with gusts of 35 knots - 1 18 ventured out, got past the headland then turned back and straight back in!!!
So only 2 wands lost in two days... and damn they were good ones :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon! Nice blog; the gerbera (the favourite flower of our eldest son) and the happy story of a good sail. Good on you!