Tuesday, 23 December 2008

All my life, watching America

Until I saw this stupid stupid woman exhibiting all the ingredients of the US foreign policy

Rachel Maddow

You need to put up with the Boeing "We know why we are here..." (Yawn) ad for a few seconds.


Anonymous said...

I'm almost as big a fan of Rachel Maddow's as I am of Simon Payne, Scott Babbage, Rohan Veal, Bora Gulari and John Harris. In case you didn't know, she spoke up against US foreign policy eight years ago shortly after Bush was 'selected'. Along with her partner Keith Olbermann, she's dared go where nearly all her colleagues have feared to sail. She's also the first openly homosexual woman to receive her own news show from a major network here in the US. Admittedly she doesn't understand sailing from the same perspective, but she is hardly 'stupid'.

Simon Payne said...

Poor choice of words on my part. Perhaps we'll agree that she just had a bad day. I stand corrected.
PS how can a gay woman have a partner called Keith?

MikeB said...

You haven't seen Keith have you...