Monday, 8 December 2008

Hello Girls!


Anonymous said...

Still paying for ladies of the night I see!

phillippe oligario said...

Congratulations on the birth of your new boat Simon! For a moment there, I thought I was going to have to join second life online to buy my virtual mach 2.
She sure is pretty!

Anonymous said...

Aloha Payne-sama, Best of continuous-flight with your new Maid in China down-under in January 20th regatta, hope you have her dialed-in "Britol-Fashion" before the first practice-day-OK.

Excuse, would like to be brought into the loop- Do we have any future "wahine" China Kung-Fu stars and or starlets to keep our eye on the future Moth Foiler races. Maybe you are coaching or training a Future Chinese Moth Foiler Team- Please keep us up-to-speed.

Just heard today that the proposed Hawaii moth Foiler regatta in Kaneohe Bay has the "Green-Light" for March 26 2009. McKee-Sama says only 10 boats are confirmed at this time. If at all possible Hope to see you and John-n-Alex, along with Sam,Clare,Helen,Florence, and Kathrine at Kaneohe Yacht Club in '09'-OK.

Please excuse, yet we like to express our stong support of Samatha (Sam) England -n- Alexandra (Alex) Harris that they wish to encourage and inspire more -n- more young up-coming ladies to Take-Flight; the potential is to have a "Marie Claude Farcoux" senario- the First Internationale Moth Foiler World Champion being a "sweet-n-lovely" Foiling-Wahine-Mothie... We look forward where projecting Bigger than the Box will be taking us; Yes trully indeed to Transcend Riding-Styles and Consistently Stay Balanced, Effortlessly Foil/Fly/Penetrate/Surf Faster than the Wind.

Perhaps it will be a future wahine that breaks the 30 knots-plus "barrier". (note: get rid of the parasitic-windage -n- "air-brakes" the standing-rigging- and spagetti-wires"- You have Clean vapor foils upon/within/thru the water; Now you need to clean-up the air-foil, look for the R & D that will give you the "jet-stream" Glide-Ratio numbers-OK.

Stay Connected, and Continue with the Sweet-Glide, Sail/Foil Joyfully; and no-Forget Have a "Surfilicious-Day".

Gambarre Nei Iruka-san.