Sunday, 10 May 2009

Feelin' Hot.

Oil of Olay (Ulay) recently ran an ad about the seven signs of aging. From a marketing view point it’s a good campaign. The “seven” signs though are utter rubbish, starting at fine wrinkles, moving through uneven skin tone and ending at skin dryness. It’s all waffle.. Most sailors, even the girls I know, have all three.

There are of course more relevant ones, which although don’t immediately generate the primeval desire to purchase face chemicals, should be discussed.

The problem is that the seven signs of aging are a purely personal psychological phenomenon, and are often event specific, but here are mine.

1. You intend to drive to Queen Mary sailing club, where you’ve been 50 times before, but before you know it, you are at the Twickenham rugby stadium, where you've been once before.

2. You are appalled at the £30 entry fee, which is a tenth of your monthly mortgage payment.

3. You can’t tack because your knee is temporarily buggered. You do not however feel the need to put a picture of it on the web.

4. You get a 2,1,2,1 and can’t remember your results.

5. You rehydrate at the local pub, and, with your eye on three good looking girls you make polite conversation with the one who’s buying the drinks “Your wasting your time with us mate” she says, "two of us are lesbians and Julie thinks she’s got swine flu…" So you wink at the one who’s coughing.

6. You are lying on your yacht, listening to the water, watching the deep blue sky and you sleepily think “I have two boats, if I have to sell one.. It won’t be this…

7. You look into the mirror and see fine lines, an uneven skin tone and a certain dryness. McLube fixes that.

It was the UK Inland Championships at Queen Mary.
I won, the Mach 2 was awsome, so much speed that despite my best efforts, it dragged me to the front.
Mike Cooke sailed brilliantly to come second
Mike Lennon in the other Mach 2 came 3rd.
Adam was fourth
Alex Adams was 5th.

20 boats! We raced four heats yesterday and it was abandoned today. No wind. That was great, and mean't I could come home. Olay, Olay! Olay, Olay!

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Maria said...

Hi Simon!
Seems like your having a good life, at the sea at least. It was ages ago....I am living in Gothenburg with my family nowadays. Hard work and a long cold winter is finally ending and even if we don´t sail we will be enjoying the sea and the sun in the coming summertime. Would be nice to hear more from you.
Sail on, Maria