Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Lone Star

Well actually two Lone Stars. I arrived back from Dallas to see Mike Lennon rigging his new Mach 2 on the beach, helped by budding Moth sailor, and champion of the future, Marcus Payne.

Mike went out and won the "Toe in the Water" Charity pursuit race at Hayling Island SC, sailing off a handicap of 586! An incredible result which has well and truly buggered any chance of winning for the rest of us, but its nice having someone else to blame for a change ;-)

Malte Muenke is the only moth sailor in Texas. we met up with him on Sunday and he kindly let me sail his boat on a lake not unlike Grafham Water (but a little warmer) It's a prefect place for a moth sailing with great launching and more Texans should give it a go! We met Malte at Lewisville Lake Park and we'd nearly found him before we were stopped by the police for speeding, but sooner or later, Malte, the copper and my friend Michael were all chatting about Moths and watching as I went for a spin.

We have the Inland Championships this coming weekend, and with Mike clearly going fast it should be a good shoot out!


Anonymous said...

How gay do you look!

Anonymous said...

I thought you could do with a little Clarins fake tan, Arr ..yes...mmm...but then you would look gay then. Perhaps not.

Cookie said...

I thought you were talking about this for a minute...


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