Friday, 4 September 2009

Words have meaning and names have power

Lot's of discussion about the Moth Cast, which I'm a fan of actually. Although the sound is so low I can barely hear it, and the gaps are so big between the words that you can wake up refreshed before the next one, but I do like the opinion, although occasionally its a little inaccurate.

Anyway no matter, but if you throw a few stones either intentionally or otherwise you must expect to get a few thrown back and you shouldn't feel too put out when someone says you are talking bollocks. It goes with the territory. And you probably are.

But its still good, and runs well. I admire Bruce, although I have no idea what drives him to do this, but I do think he's on to something despite the fact that its clearly hard getting tall people to speak fast.

Anyway I delight that the Australian season is staring up, I like the debate and "handbags at dawn" spats which is good for the class. By bringing issues out into the open they get discussed, addressed and dealt with.

In the UK we had Simon Propper.

Simon was web editor for the UK website when I was President and we had our moments. ..Threatened with everything from lawsuits to physical violence he still made his points, the seriousness of which was missed by the easily lead self congratulatory divisions who want to shout "Oh bravo!" at every opportunity.

Now, with a healthy class and us both replaced by more talented and youthful females I see Simon is writing again, this time about his holidays.

I'd like you to read this. Its on the UK site. Its very good.


Anonymous said...

I must admit I thought I sounded a bit s l o w, but have you heard your speaking voice lately (la de da)? - Dave

Teknologika said...

Thanks Simon,

The low sound is due to the fact that I am so loud, that after you run it through the electronic sausage machine, everyone else comes out soft. I try and correct it as much as possible with software but it doesn't always work out.

The motivation is a funny thing ... in the land of the geeks, where I spend my working hours, these shows get churned out once a week, so I am a slow old man by those standards.

What really drives me to make the show, is that I want to have something like this to listen to, which I do just like everyone else once the show is done.

It also gives me an excuse to meet and talk to some people in the class that I really admire, that I probably would never approach otherwise.

With this show, as much as I would like to, you can never get everything 100% correct or keep everyone happy.

The approach that I take is as long as I make a show that I can enjoy, and it is the best that I can make it, then that is good enough for me.



Simon Payne said...

La de da? Shit you are right. Excellent reply!