Monday, 5 October 2009

Running from Jordan

Everywhere I go I see that woman's face, and it alone make me want to leave the UK. Trouble is I can't, with no boat and no event I might see January here for the first time in years. Recently I've been very lucky to travel to the southern hemisphere, either Perth or Melbourne, and it always seemed to make me feel that I'd hit a fast forward button and then stopped it at a good bit in my own little movie, fortunately missing most of the unforgettable part that is winter in the UK.

Yet I'm preparing for winter here, maliciously hoping that "What Katie did next" would be final and the only reminder of down under is that twat she's married to.

A fast forward movie of the Tide Ride at Hayling Island Sailing Club yesterday would reveal a manic blur of ascending and descending boats being slung from stationary to warp speed. The wind would be 10 knots then nothing then 10 again. Yachts would shoot by at 20 times faster than they are supposed to go and if you looked carefully you might even catch a quick glimpse of a rapidly vibrating mainsail.
A few frames later you might see the leader lap all but two other competitors in this crazy race and if we also had a sound track you would hear frequent high pitched squawks coming from a couple of boats. Thankfully undecipherable as remember we are on fast forward.

Rod Harris won. He is establishing himself as a guy who is still improving where others seem to have stopped.

It was best to be watching yesterday, especially holding a gin and tonic, and accordingly easy to criticise too, so I wont. Suffice to say that it wasn't a great movie, let down by the plot, and I was very glad that I wasn't amongst the cast.


Bill Schill, Jr. said...

Simon, how's the leg? good enough to 'run' on?
Bill Schill, from the other side of the pond!

Anonymous said...

Hello Simonb Payne

My name is Jim Baumann-- a long ago Moth sailor-- before height and weight got the better of me in an 11 ft boat...

You mention Rod Harris-- is that Roderick Harris from eons ago-- back in magnum 5 days?- hails from Dorset?

Regards- and intrigued

Jim Baumann

Simon Payne said...

Hi Jim!
Yes thats him!
Good to hear from you