Monday, 8 March 2010

Highway to the danger zone

Holy shit its Viper! Thats what I was thinking when Bora and I exchanged a little skin at the slalom yesterday. A bare knuckle moth fight where normal rules dont apply and the winner takes all. Bora and I had a frank an honest discussion after the race, I finished 2nd and he was 3rd, and in hindsight perhaps we both should have kept our butts above the hardeck. Rob Gough, won moving on from his second place last year. He's the current slalom king.
Today in Fightertone the mood is relaxed. The sailing club looks like a call centre with computers open and sailors trying to keep busy. Two hours to go until we go ballistic. There is no wind but we may get 10 knots by the start.
Last night Puma hosted a cool little party and I found myself thinking how lucky I was to be at a place like this and today with "Chasing Cars" in my headphones the feeling is no different. I guess I'll soon find out whether I'm still capable of soaring with the top boys or only good enough to fly rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong.


Patrice A. said...

Good luck!

Victoria said...

Good to see you are Top Gun again.

Simon said...

If there is any Rubber dog shit it must orignate from "Dogged Competitors" and thus the trail presently left floating across the Arabian Gulf is testiment to the fact that the "Old English Gent" still has what it takes.
Well done mate....keep it up and anything could happen.

tillerman said...

Well done, old man! Let's hear all about how you did it.

Keith said...

Congratulations Simon.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations mate! Great effort.

Looking forward to seeing you down under for Belmont 2011 - warm weather, good breezes and a top spot.