Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Thank you for the music

Wow what an event! I'm home and I am offsetting the jet lag by spending long periods of time staring at the trophy I just won. Largely in disbelief.

It's history tells a story, one that on this particular piece of silver goes back to 1963, It's a story of change, a story of winners (and by definition losers) and of winners again, and of course travel to places others don't get to see. It's the story of the greatest racing class in the world.

There is however only one thing that's different now than back then, and that's that I get to replay the event over and over, not in my head, but on my computer. The media did a fantastic job and the scale of awareness they have brought to our class over the last couple of weeks was and is unprecedented. We must consider them friends and family and give them priority status if they are willing to row to the windward mark rather than motor.

Anyway I feel hugely proud and humble to have won the Puma Moth Worlds in Dubai but the thing that excites me about these events isn't necessarily the thought of winning, although I do dream about it before hand, but its the energy I get from seeing my friends again and meeting new people. The guys in Dubai did a wonderful job and the atmosphere was incredible. At almost every other sailing event I can't wait to leave the area after sailing, but in Dubai I just wanted to hang around..

However one of the best things for me was seeing the improvement in the British fleet. Ricky Tagg achieved his goals by coming 13th in his first ever Moth Worlds, Adam was 10th and Mike Lennon did really well (although he wont admit it) to get to wear GBR 8 on his sail.

A couple of apologies from me. One to my mom for swearing on TV and the other to my mate Bora for being unnecessarily aggressive after the slalom when we exchanged a little skin.

So now its back to looking at my trophy. Thank you to everyone for your help, support and best wishes, you've made me feel great for a few days, but particularly to Andrea, who makes me feel great all of the time anyway.

Over and out


Cookie said...

Well done sir, was good fun cheering you on the live feed.

Roll on Silvaplana!

Andy said...

ha ha-glad I wasn't the only one shouting encouragement at my computer last week! Nearly screamed when the live feed dropped out!

Graham Simmonds said...

Well written - good to have a champion that can string a sentence together.

Having said that, whilst you are going for this MOR song titles thing for your post headings, it is "Thank you FOR the music". Looking forward to seeing you at HISC soon.

Grey Yotta said...

Well done Simon, throughly enjoyed watching the event live, the icing on the cake was your win and 3 x GBR in the top ten.

Cookie said...

I'm just wondering if the Ricky Tagg wild eyed and out of control at the Garda Worlds was now just a figment of my imagination?!

I know I have blocked a lot of that week out however...

Anja said...

Congratulations Simon.

You're an excellent sailor with an elegant sailing style, it's a pleasure to watch this

@ Cookie
it was just your imagination, I didn't see him there

Anonymous said...


mad jack

Anonymous said...

Cascade Locks is so proud of you!