Monday, 28 February 2011


Sunday was the first time I'd been down to the sailing club for a while, probably since last year actually, but although still only 6 degree's or so it was great to see four Mach 2's in the form of Geoff Carveth, Mike Lennon, Graham Simmonds and Jason Russell diligently practicing in the blustery conditions. I admire them, it is still too cold for me. Not that I have a boat, my current Mach 2 will soon be on its way to Spain to meet its new owner Andreas John, and the new one doesn't get shipped until around the 12th of March. I paid for it the other day although the way I was feeling after the gym I briefly considered using the money as downpayment for a room at "Shady Pines".

Anyway this is what the new 2011 Abarth Mach 2 Moth will look like and apologies to Mike Lennon (I think) for the identity fraud.

This season will be good, I plan to do the Hayling Island and Parkstone opens, the UK Nationals, Mothfest and the Europeans, I'm looking forward to racing again. I don't like standing on the shore.


Cookie said...

I dunno, next to that lime green thing it all looks a bit subtle to me!

Anonymous said...

that hyde sail doesn't seem right.

Joe Turner said...

Hyde sail?

Simon Payne said...

Nope another KA MSL10c for me!