Tuesday, 1 February 2011

One shot at a time

Walking in the Highlands of Scotland, through the breathtaking beauty of the countryside, it felt like something had finally ended. I was in a place that, if I'm honest, I knew would come.

I knew my fate at the Worlds about 20 minutes after I went out for the first time when I just couldn't keep up, and then it was simply a case of going through the process. To be honest this has happened before, quite a few times actually, often when I've not practiced and almost always when its pumping. When I won the Worlds in 06 I felt relief mostly, in 2010 I felt a mild surprise, and now getting whipped like this I feel.. well nothing. I just know you have to wait a bit. Anyway best look at life through the windscreen, not the rear view mirror.

So I'm back here painting the yacht and things like that, working hard accompanied at the computer by a cat that seemingly can send emails, but can't meow, and its cool. I don't want to see any carbon for well..until it wants to see me.

Which, and this is my curse, wont be long I suspect. As night fell, the hills of the Highlands reminded me of the ones I used to drive through to get to Garda (or the Alps as they are known...) Hmmm now thats a thought. Maybe the Italian nationals in a few months would be nice, and think of the coffee! Perhaps I'll leave the boat there (oh I better order a new one btw and perhaps with a new Abarth design on it) and become a member of Campioni Yacht club if they will have me. Isn't that the venue for the 2012 Worlds? I'm sure its pricy but its a little bit more.. well you know.. than Belmont 16's. Hmm well thats a plan, maybe Andrew will come down too?

I cant put on weight but I wonder if I've seen the way forward with cut down foils? Nathan used a small front foil for the whole event I think. Could this be the way that the lighter guys can keep up in a breeze? I'm sure that the good and the great will have an opinion on it but in any event I better give it a try.



Bora Gulari said...

Just don't forget to tell me your membership number.

Eric said...

Just use Mr. Underwood's membership number.

Anonymous said...

Too true

The moth class has always been a place where you have limited windows (windscreens) of success. Take them when they appear. They are but fleeting, and sometimes subject to the elements. Hang around long enough and another opportunity may just appear. And sometimes more than one for the lucky few. Just ignore the mirror in the low times........

Connsider my "mirror" sold and the "windscreen" soon to be purchased. But alas, I think the windows of the past are all but closed.


PS the $100 unlimited membership at Belmont 16's was very tempting

Fred said...

Campione, hmm,
I love the place but with all the refurbishing lately, will we have enough space? Maybe when the Windsurf school gives us space. And the Campers? In the tunnel?
Love to go there. Been my favorite DIV II place.