Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Fly me to the moon

Its hard when you are flat out at work and your new baby sits in the garage. The willpower it takes to ignore it until the day is done is immense, it's as hard as climbing a wall that is leaning towards you, or as hard as kissing a woman who's leaning away from you actually.
Anyway here she is and tonight I will be burning the midnight oil to see if I can make the weekend. We'll see, but last night the boat went together very well. The only drama was that I managed to cycle over the wand (don't ask) although not half as funny as Andrew who managed to drive over his Pro Start (doubly don't ask)
My boat is a standard Mach 2 albeit with some comfy non standard toe straps, which optimistically I've moved out a couple of inches more. Oh and I've mounted an outboard on the stern.
Silver Abarth graphics go on next week.


Patrice A. said...

she is looking good!

Fred said...

I will try the outboard option with my 4.5hp. Good idea! Might help me propelling through the jibes...

What kind a straps are those? I am wearing way too quick through the neo shoes. Some upholstery, as yours are showing, should help my shoes to last longer.

Simon Payne said...

Hi Fred
Sailing Bits straps. A present to myself, or rather my feet. Not cheap but few things worth having are..

Anonymous said...

good to see everyone is on the black wing cover band wagon!!!

will have to get Amac to start making pink ones!