Thursday, 24 March 2011

Travamunde! Warmer and Cheaper!

I hinted that I would like to see an event where sailors were put first. An event where there was so much to do that it became a welcome break from the computer, indeed an event where "Log On" referred to adding wood to the BBQ, a "Mail server" was actually the bloke at the pub who brings out the lunch, and "Off Line" was what happened when your wet sailing kit snapped the clothes peg.

Well it seems that the folks at IMCA Germany have the same philosophy and from what I now know about the "Nordea Moth European Championships 2011" there will be so much to do that there will simply be no need to walk around, in a Bora-esque fashion, with a Macbook Pro clamped to your ear.

So let's get down to it.

How about an entry fee of only 200 Euro's? Not bad eh? Especially not bad when everything else is largely free. No paying extra for your pizza to be cut up here boys.. Read on..

Saturday starts with a "Dash for Cash" which is near the shore and in front of an estimated 4000-8000 spectators who watch you from amongst the food and drink stalls situated at the viewing area. Oh and the prize money? 1500 Euro's shared unequally between the first three.

Later, in the specially designated "Moth Hanger" (a place where you can get breakfast every morning) there is a welcoming party for the Moth sailors.

We have the practice race to deal with on Sunday, and then in the evening we are off to another (again free) official opening party with beer and food. .

Monday through to Friday see's three races a day. Good to finish on a Friday actually, but let's not concern ourselves too much with the racing, we have our own course, and a race officer who sails an International 14 and knows what he's doing, and that's good enough for me.

Monday night is the opening ceremony on a square rigger moored in Travamunde, and then on Tuesday Manfred Schreiber's company "CTM" will sponsor the evenings entertainment. On Wednesday there is a pasta party....

In fact every evening there is a social event ending with Fridays prize giving dinner, and with great sponsors, that means there will be 3-4000 Euro's worth of prizes up for grabs (including a KA sail)

The Moths will be located on the east side of Travamunde which is a bit out of the way of the rest of the event, we have our own area which is great for launching. There are good showers and if you want to camp then it's only 400 metres from the boats.

Here is the link to the website. Download the brochure under "Invitation" (oh you may want to click on English first ;)

It's the Nordea European Championships and it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun!

Now, I understand a great social programme doesn't define an event in itself, it is a European Championship after all and people will try hard. I do realise Olympic sailors can't drink, and accordingly to those dedicated full timers the above might not mean much, but dont worry you are not forgotten! I will go and buy several copies of "My Life in Accountancy" to keep you entertained at night!

Anyway I better start practising, and with a few days to go until the new boat arrives this means I will be in the pub by five!



Michal said...

Great Simon!

I'm soon starting to practise for the Euros ;)

Looking forward for this event.

Koos said...

So, what about the sharks?

Teknologika said...

It wasn't a Macbook it was the new, larger iPhone5 flip phone :-)

JT said...

sounds like the mothsquad tent.

Nina said...

If you want sharks...we'll try to get some!

Foiler Town USA said...

Nice one Simon, keep encouraging everyone as I dont think Travemunde has the best of reputations, probably unfairly but....