Monday, 8 August 2011

New Mach2 small front hydrofoil

Speed, we keep being told is bad, intelligent people drive slowly, no flash flash of a speed camera for them. Yet I think its good. It means for example you can go and see your mother in law, but not have to stay the night, and with the Moth Worlds in beautiful Campioni on Lake Garda coming up, it also means that if you are fast, you might do well.

This then is why you should be interested in the above picture. It's the mould for the new Mach2 small front hydrofoil. The new foil will plug straight onto your existing Mach2 vertical foil.

It's being produced right now. We will have more pics for you very soon.

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Foiler Town USA said...

Sweet! Need to get my cut down one back of Matt