Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Mach2.1 upgrades

Andrew McDougall at the Syz & Co European Championships. Photo courtesy of Loris von Siebenthal


In the last two years that we've been immersed in the Mach2 Moth project we've built up a strong knowledge of the product and this 2.1 upgrade comes as a result of Andrew's work in addressing the areas that we have felt we've been able to make an improvement to.

Here are the list of upgrades:

- Front foil mould reset to get a perfect transition from foil to flap, which means less drag.

- Hydrofoil laminate beefed up to improve strength of the already strong Mach2 foils

- Finer alignment of pushrod to flap to reduce flap mechanism friction

- Low friction control rod tube in main vertical foil

- 1st and 2nd gear options on bell crank axle position

- Laminate changes to both verticals to make them even stronger

- Lighter and stronger gantry

- Stronger hull, same or less weight than Mach2.0

- Hulls now comes with bungs and breather tubes

- Stronger vang rope

- Stronger wing tubes, same or less weight than Mach2.0

- Masts made stronger at the base

- Mast foot and pin redesigned to reduce stress on mast and prevent mast foot failure

- Mast stump now locates more accurately and stump tube is stronger

- Rear wing tubes locate more accurately and are stronger

- New more adjustable wand mechanism. Stiffer with greater durability

- Custom hull colours available

The Mach2.1 is available now!

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