Sunday, 15 January 2012


I survived the January sales by digitally watching the Australian Nationals and the Miami Moth event. The Australian Nationals especially seemed from another planet, (Australien geddit?) where rain, cold and massive waves sorted the hommes from the garçons. Most of the time we sail in flatish waters, with only the UK Nationals, and now the Australian ones being an exception, and the results of last week prove that these days preparation must be event specific if you are to do any good. Anyway well done Rob Gough for taking the event.

In Miami it was different, with a relaxez -vous race style sailed in light winds and blue skies. Anthony Kouton using the new Mach2 front foil seemed to be first up, closely followed by Brad Funk.

I write this at 0800 this Sunday morning. It's cold outside at about 4 degrees, and the harbour weather station is saying 20 knots. It's an easterly wind so just getting off the beach could be a problem, especially at my height. Still, its a good time to sail in Chichester harbour, made more bearable by the heated floor in the changing rooms!

This week I was at the Fiat dealer Conference with Abarth. The new cars look fabulous! Anyway better go, if I hang around here too long, I'll find a reason to stay inside..

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Cookie said...

Rain, cold, massive waves... Saundersfoot anyone?!