Monday, 6 February 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet 16!

The new KA MSL16.

Good news! I'm really excited about KA Sail’s new baby, the MSL16, which will make her UK debut at the London Dinghy Show next month on the International Moth class association stand. Built for the conditions expected at the 2012 World Championships at Campioni, Lake Garda, with its “light at the windward mark, breezy at the leeward mark” wind variation, the sail will be featured on my Mach2. One of two International Moths on display.

This is what Andrew McDougall says about the new sail “The MSL16 has taken me a long time to develop, after all we are trying to improve on an already very high level of existing performance with our stock designs. I’m very happy with it though, and sailing against the top Aussies in Sydney the other day I was really fast. I’ve always believed it was possible to create a sail that would have the flexibility to be fast in all conditions and with the 16 I think we’ve succeeded.”

Here are the features of the new sail
  • Complete redesign from the previous MSL at 10 and 13
  • Wider luff pocket
  • Combination of soft and light materials for the pocket
  • Shape moved forward and down to reduce drag /increase power
  • Gap between sail and boom closed.
  • Extra cam and batten in at the bottom of sail
  • Suits medium mast/soft with high forestay for improved response to the vang and Cunningham.
  • Brand new cams for better entry profile
The MSL16, which is a limited edition sail will be available to order from March 1st.

Mach2 masts with the new hound configuration are now available. A hounds kit which allows people to convert existing Mach 2 masts is also available

Another sunny day. Although about 30 degrees colder than the pic above! Pic courtesy of Brian C-B.


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