Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Making April

I read yesterday that container ships had been told to slow down so much by their owners in order to conserve fuel that the Cutty Sark, the greatest tea clipper of them all, would hammer them in a race today. Things are changing for sure, but progress? Well it's not all that it's cut out to be it seems.
Except when it comes to breaking into cars. Which is frustratingly difficult, as I found out last week when I locked my keys in my lovely Abarth Punto Evo. The RAC man, an uncomplicated guy who sucked through his teeth and winced at today's machines used wedges and rods and tape to the extent that I couldnt look, but it seems that cars have to pass a break in test before a new model can go on sale, and it appeared that the reason there are so many new models out there was because I had just met the examiner.
I got her back yesterday after she'd been fixed by the Abarth garage, and if you won't tell anyone I whispered a little apology to my car on the way to the sailing club last night.
Another good session on the water had me feeling ok as I left in the twilight, although the bay was choppy and i was on the edge of control as i sailed in with Mike Lennon. More practice will solve that.
Tonight I completed a number of jobs that needed to be done on the boat. The upshot is that I'm putting in the time and the boat is fast and a few meanigful races at Easter will do me good.
In Australia they have the NSW State titles this weekend and with the Worlds not far away it's sensible to keep an eye on who's going fast because soon enough we'll be racing each other.


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