Monday, 26 March 2012

Ides of March

Its sunny here and the weekend made for great sailing! A high sat over the country which meant light winds, cold water and the unusual smell of suntan lotion in March.

In Australia Amac won the Victorian States with ballistic downwind speed using the new production KA MSL 16. Something I began to see with the prototype KA MSL 16 on Saturday which although a bit too flat in the middle for everyday use and is now superseded by the production model, does have that really groovy top.

We thought Amacs total of 8 wins had equalled Brian Morris's record run, the son of class founder Len Morris, but in fact Brain won 11 times from 1947 to 1963 and actually Len won it from 1933 to 1946 consecutively.

Back to Hayling and I think we must have had 8 Mach2's out and having fun on Saturday. Great to see newbie Matt Bergmann Smith up and foiling on effectively his first time out in his new boat.

On Sunday we took Callisto out and had lunch at Easthead. I saw the guys out again and it occurred to me why Moths do so well at pursuit races. It has little to do with a favourable handicap but more to do with the fact that we practice so much more than other sailors. Why? Because the boats are so much fun!

Today is an exciting day as my i pad is being delivered. I'm hoping its similar to my old Etch A Sketch in terms of use! I plan to use my free time to sail most evenings this week now the clocks have gone forward.

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Anonymous said...

You allow Budweiser on Callisto??!