Sunday, 28 September 2008

Weight Loss

My Prowler Zero is now up for sale. I guess this weekends Tide Ride competition will be my last event in it. We won the Nationals together this year and I'm genuinely sorry to let it go. The Worlds didn't go our way but Neptune, the God of the sea had a hangover and it was tough for us all, in fact Neptune is also the eighth planet from the sun, and that's where I came.

Anyway the boat is wonderfully built and strong as hell and I am in debt to Advance Composites Group for the help they gave us in making it, also to John Ilett for once again delivering to a standard all others are measured.

If anyone wants a special little boat let me know. And make it quick, so I don't cry.

And that will give me time to do all the things your supposed to do when you aren't sailing, but this weekend, in the lightest of breezes, I ghosted around on foils leaving the other boys dead. A special feeling in my own little world where normal sailing rules don't apply, you do what feels right, even if you have to go back the way you came, gybe upwind and sail against the tide.

2006, when I won the worlds, seems a long time ago now, but I still want to win again, and this year has been tough, I was more disappointed in the worlds as an experience and organiser than my position but actually that is the worst Moth result I've ever had.

But I read in the paper today that Britain had been waiting 48 years to win an Olympic gold in women's swimming, which for me proves two things, firstly if you try hard enough, and are patient enough, it'll come again. And secondly women really do take a very long time to get ready...

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