Sunday, 29 March 2009

Feathers, fur and gold

I nearly died of fright friday night.

Really, I mean it!

I was relaxing in the shower when two pigeons flew into the bathroom and frantically flapped around hitting things, knocking things off and pinning me in the shower unit and scaring me shitless. If ever there was a time to die of a heart attack that was it, as my pulse went from idle to the redline in a beat.

Once I recovered I immediately thought of catching them to eat but my children are still full of scorn after hearing about the bunny incident, where too far down the line of promising a rabbit stew I was horrified to find that the butcher didn't have any, and that meant some lateral thinking was called for.

The pet shop did..

It seemed the pigeons weren't sent to kill me and are now quite friendly, I found them on the bed yesterday, I'm trying to think of names.

And in a way it was the same with with my Mach 2, Boat No 3 and the third prototype. After a scary start we became friends too this weekend as she looked after me Saturday and lit the after burners on Sunday.

Saturday was awful. If you didn't get mullered by 30 knot gusts on the water you were pounded by hailstones on the beach, unable to go anywhere, as you were at that point, a boat anchor.

And with Mike Lennon, James Roche and Tom Whicher sailing the weather stablized in the afternoon and a good little training session was marked by James smacking a fish so hard he thought he'd broken his foil, only to capsize and see it bent double around the vetical section.

I would have eaten it.

Sunday I raced Boat 3 for the first time, I came off the start line and accelerated so fast that suddenly the world started to go backwards. Actually I finished a beat and a run in front on the 5 lap 1/4 mile windward leeward course. Nice for people to see how fast it is here after all the hype.


Bora Gulari said...

" you know the bird?"

Anja said...

You're thinking of names for the pigeons?

What about "Lunch" and "Dinner"?

Or would you prefer "Alfred" and "Norman"?

Anonymous said...

Another believable story!

Simon Payne said...

another fucking idiot

Anonymous said...

'waste not, want not'
Is 'fur and gold' a neat reference to the Bat for lashes album?
Or am I reading too much into it?

Marty J

Lia Ditton said...

Soon, they will come and take you away.

Simon Payne said...

Saw Bat for Lashes Sunday night! Brilliant

Anonymous said...

Where did you see them?

Simon Payne said...

Edge of the Wedge last sunday