Sunday, 15 March 2009

Rescue Me

When a tree comes down you shout "Timber" so when a mast comes down, should you shout "Carbon"?

I shouted something else as I'm afraid that's what happened just before the start of race one at Parkstone. The forestay fitting pulled out, which was a shame because not only did I want to race but we had the boat rigged up with Predator cameras, (which fortunately were not on at the time). A double shame actually as I was planning to take someone foiling between races and she was already in a wetsuit and on the committee boat.

Anyway occupational hazard of sailing "Boat 3", the third prototype and we are working on a repair plan now which is why I'm up so early and on to Aus. In the cold light of day I guess its best it broke then and not last race of the Europeans or Worlds or something. The production boats have a different (and bigger) bow pod and cannot have this problem.

But it was great to see everyone with Mike Lennon scoring three races wins, but an OCS in the last race means I think Adam is close on points. Adam May had the Cosworth formula one derived telemetry system on his boat that only someone with Adams intellect can truly understand. Apparently you can create your own polars and it will be good to see his data published. It also means you have to sail around with a five foot lamp post on the bow which surely must have hindered his boat speed a bit.

As the tide dropped I watched the guys trying to get into the harbour, sailing over a hidden underwater wall with a cleareance depth of only about 18 inches. First Adam, then Mike... then Geoff...I had my heart in my mouth... James hit with his rudder..

Its harder watching sometimes.

A big thanks to Ron and Helen on the rescue boat and Tim Ollerenshaw, for pulling me out.


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I bet she was so disappointed!