Wednesday, 11 March 2009

You Got Me Floatin'

I've been putting it off for ages but finally Boat 3 and I went for our first sail today. Oh good Lord was it cold launching but my new boat felt great with no ventilation on the rudder and every bit as nice as the Geelong boat.
After half an hour the wind was on the way out and I drifted silently back in my empty Chichester harbour. Good to be home really.
It's Parkstone open this weekend but I'm unsure if I'll be there. I may just sail here, for a few weeks more yet...It's nice not to race sometimes.


Rod Harris said...

"I've been sailing too much on my own instead of training with other people" Is this the person who was so grateful of Amacs help, training, knowledge and support?mothman4092mothman4092

Simon Payne said...

It's my boys birthday this weekend. Sorry they come first. And that gives a chance for someone else to.

Rod Harris said...

Happy birthday to him from everyone! Family first. Always. Then friends. Sorry for any upset - didnt know about his birthday when you confirmed you were coming to Poole. Oops. Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

Fine weekend and happy birthday!
P.S. When your on Schiphol again, not knowing what for hours, call me, if you like.