Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Can I just say that the mildly embarrasing issue of me leaving my foil covers on as I left the beach is I think, not in its self enough substance to qualify me for a Facebook discussion... It was bad enough drifting past the balcony trying to get them off!

Anyway no I'm not trying to protect sea creatures, and yes I know its important to wear protection... I do agree I'm a twat though..Perhaps now we can move on?

Was there any wind in the world this weekend? On Sunday there wasn't and I sailed an RS200 which I enjoyed very much. The only surprise came when my very good (and also very good looking) helmswoman belched so loudly that I thought they'd launched the lifeboat. Suddenly I was sailing with Shrek.

Yesterday we had a sea breeze in the afternoon, nine moths were out practising for the Moth open meeting at Hayling Island SC this coming weekend. Great to welcome Olivier Vidal who has bought "The Weapon" from Adam May and also Gerold Pauler who is over from Germany and has bought my old Prowler. Both were up and sailing really well.

Both Ricky Tagg and Michael Lennon looked great sailing my Mach 2. I think we'll have another front runner when Ricky gets his.


Robo said...

You are not alone my friend.

One current Moth World Champion was seen leaving the beach in Sydney last Jan with rudder cover attached. Not only did he not realise it, he only came back to shore to get his gloves which he'd forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are a twat!

KIWI said...

Walrus' eat donkeys for breakfast...

AMAC did the same at Weymouth Worlds, maybe it is an age thing?
But just be thankful your still sailing at your age where I have already given it away