Friday, 17 April 2009

Hayling Island Preview

This weekend is the International Moth Hayling Island Open meeting, the first big event of the UK year. I'm hoping for a lot of boats. The forecast is sunny with 10-12knot breezes. That can't be bad if its true. Christian Kirshner and Gerold Pauler are here representing Germany and I'm sure some new faces will turn up. In fact as I looked down the entry list I saw "3168 - Ian Southworth". A name some will remember from the past and a World Champion in many classes.

It's been a funny week, more boat work than I needed but I can't wait for tomorrow, when we race three races out in Hayling Bay.

Who will win? Well I just dont know. Michael Lennon won Parkstone, that's the only bench mark we have. I'll go OK I guess, if I can keep the rig up.

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Patrice said...

Fingers crossed!