Sunday, 26 April 2009

A game of two halves..

As I ran down the pontoon all the other boat owners just looked at me in that same way that people look at you on planes when your the last guy to board and the pilot's missed his slot. I was late to get "Callisto" out of the lock, I'd put her in the day before but the business meeting had run on. I slung my laptop in the cabin, started the diesel and turned hard right out of Thornham marina. Three miles later my admiration for Ellen MacArthur went even higher as I struggled to get a main and genoa down by myself in a force 6. Also I must have looked odd as I was still wearing business casual and Hugo Boss wasn't dealing too well with the Solent.

That was friday night and on Saturday we sailed the Glyn Charles race. Handicapped to oblivion we tried hard, it was windy and rough and staring 10 minutes after the 49ers was just too big a gap to make up on that course. I had to stick it in twice to stop myself hitting a wall of glass fibre. It was just so busy out there. Once I went involuntarily down the mine so hard that I just got me nose the right side of the shroud as I went past. Mental note, put a May stick on this prototype, like the production Mach 2's. Other than that the boat was great.

Mach 2 images courtesy of

Martin Harrison sailing his low riding Axeman was 6th. A brilliant result.

I'm off to Dallas on Wednesday for a couple of days, if there are any Moth sailors out there, it'd be great to see you!


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