Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Shadow Keeper

Nobody ever reads instructions, we always try to wing it and work the device as if we were the creator. This is OK if the device is a camera or a gps but its not really ok if it's a fire extinguisher. Reading the instructions by the light of the fire you are trying to put out I once found is an intense experience.

And in a way that feels a bit like Moth sailing these days. Always frantically trying to get prepared before the event. I've still got the remains of a suntan from the Gorge and already I'm well into planning for the next Worlds. South of France training, boat directly to Dubai etc

These days it seems that as you stand listening to a closing speech you are also reading the NOR of the next one.

We had the European championships in June 09 and by August 2010 we will have had two worlds and two Europeans in a 13 month period. Christ! I was European Champions from 1994 to 1997 only because no one organised anything, but now it's all go as the class expands and if we are all to keep up then we need to get more efficent. Of course you dont have to do them all. But with 64 Mach 2's sold, we do, and I'm not complaining.

And if anything it means you value your time away from the race track more, in the shadows a bit for while.

But other than putting the notice of race, the sailing instructions, the briefing and possibly the welcoming speech on podcasts I can't really think of how to make it better. It's great already.

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