Thursday, 28 January 2010

Amaculate Conception!

Andrew McDougall out sailing today at Black Rock. Eagle eyed viewers will notice that the sail doesn't look like an MSL10, or a 13 for that matter.

Wanna see more? Come to Dubai.


Phil Stevenson said...

Looks like the prototype MSL15 he had delivered to Perth. At that time he rigged it, noted some improvements and unrigged it after we all poked around with it for a while.
It was wider mid height, fuller in the top and made from conventional material rather than the window film on KAs recently.
The leach cut away below the bottom batten makes it look very different. I am sure there are more subtle changes as well.

Graham Simmonds said...

I presume the leach cut away is to make it under the 8sqm sail area rule? I am surprised that instead he did not shorten the leach on the bottom panel to give a raised boom height a la North/Hydes. This is a very attractive option for the larger amongst us and for those wishing to apply mast rake.

Simon Payne said...

Good observation Graham although the leach is actually 45 mm shorter. Yes the bottom panel is cut away but its nothing to do with area. It releases tension on the bottom batten to give a more flexible dynamic area below it. In fact the whole sail is designed like that but the rest is filled in with off axis cloth.

Simon Reynolds said...

You can clearly see Amac's years of development with windsurfing race sails emerging more here, through the head profile and front panel changes, which looks like a more balanced approach to the use of cambers and a 'rotational' seating to some battens on the sleeve. It looks like it will be easier to blade off, yet retain the required grunt low down for drive. Would it be that Amac is be looking at a one sail option?