Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Chillin' on the block

I wanted Amac's opinion of last weekend so we went over the pictures I received from our maître d' Pete Barton and I made some changes to the foil set up and stuff. I went out sailing today to see if the boat felt better. It did. Alot.

But I didnt, largely due to the intense cold. With 3.5 degrees air and 5 degree water temperature I was at my limit and I bow to Graham and Mike who have regularly gone out in even colder conditions this winter.

The wind was North Westerly and about 15 knots so I had a bit of fun and actually it was kinda nice to be the only Moth out. That's probaby because for years.. I was. And now with some 15(?) foilers at Hayling (which is fantastic) I still find it a little, well, new...

But I wasn't out long.. and I'm getting there with my new boat and with a new rig to try and some carbon rigging on the way the boat will be ready for the worlds, even if I won't.

Best bit of today? The wonderful heated floors of Hayling Island Sailing Club!

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Graham Simmonds said...

I thought you were going to text me if you were going out? I would have come and joined you. Must admit I went for a walk at lunchtime and saw that it was low tide and bloody freezing so decided against it. Glad the boat is going well.