Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Snow Patrol

Still a white Britain but my new Mach 2 arrives very soon. Possibly it's in the air already, but in any event it soon will be.

I have just 4 weeks to sort a boat out, do some serious miles and make my knee bend to the require angle. Then the boat's back on a plane to Dubai.

On my wall I have the Mach 2 poster. I'm on it just about to gybe, kneeling on the starboard tramp and about to step across. Currently I can't repliciate that on the floor next to it.

So I've got a bit on.

But I have missed my a Moth. I sailed Ricky's in December just to prove to myself that I still could. When you've done so many miles up in the air, on your own and in a place where you get to make sense of your yesterdays, its difficult to forget how powerful these small boats are. Even if you try to.

In the worlds of Snow Patrol, "I need your grace to remind me to find my own"

So who's going to win? Bora has spent most of our winter in Miami training, Arnaud has spent a number of weekends in the South of France doing the same, and by rights they should be the favorites, but the entry list isn't complete yet.

Who's turn is it to do the form guide?


Graham Simmonds said...

Its great to hear your boat is on its way. Looking forward to sailing with you soon. Graham

Dubai Moth Association said...

hope ur sail is included hahaha